How to Properly Set Subforms in Zoho Creator: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to properly set Subforms in Zoho Creator Part 2

To build a robust Order form in Zoho Creator you need to be able to automatically "fetch" the information about a product and let the system pre-populates the subform with pre-existing data in the Products Table.

First, you need to have a Products form with all the relevant information about the Product. Price, Description, etc.

Second, you need to fetch the Product information-based "On user input" inside the items Subform and add the below deluge scripting.

prodct  =  Products  [ID == row.Product];
row.Description = prodct.Description;
row.Price = prodct.Price;
row.Qty = 1;
if ((row.Price  !=  null)  &&  (row.Qty  !=  null))
    row.SubTotal = (row.Price  *  row.Qty);

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